The Ways of History is a massively multiplayer browser-based real-time strategy game. Thousands of players on five continents, hundreds of sciences and structures, and full-scale military action.
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The Fourth Game World - Terra Incognita
... and understood the Demiurges that they will not change the human's nature, and it will never be enough for people, no matter how much land do they create, because human's greed is borderless and does not have limits while there is a free piece of land. And the conquered lands will be poured by glaring human blood, because everybody will love to snatch a bigger piece. So a new world has been created. And the gates have been opened. And set the people for exploring the Terra Incognita.
3-d World - The Flow of Life
There came a time when the hearts of the Creators overflowed with joy, for they beheld their worlds flourishing. And they knew the peoples who dwelled there, and they saw the great strength within them. So they decided to depart, leaving the New World to the people. And nothing more would disrupt the Flow of Life.
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